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Frequently Asked Questions

I often get asked questions that can be symptoms of future electrical problems. To try and identify any electrical issues you might have, here are some of the most popular.

Q. Why are my light bulbs blowing all the time?

This problem does not mean you have a faulty circuit. This is a problem which has been looked into for many years now. A wiring fault in your circuit will be picked up by the MCB's and fuses before it affects the bulb.

Here are a few reasons bulbs can blow ...

  1. Cheap Bulbs - The elements in cheaper bulbs are much thinner so, any surge of power, however slight, simply breaks them. Always go for more expensive, better quality, its cheaper in the long run (Osram, Philips and Crompton).
  2. A loose connection in the lamp holder - Electricity may have cause to "arc" or jump across the contact, rather than simply flowing through it. This happens to produce more heat in the light fitting than is expected, which will in the long run shorten the life of the bulb.
  3. Power increase/surges - An increase of 5% above the rated voltage of a light bulb could reduces its life by 50%. Now, those living close to an Electricity Substation will receive a voltage higher than nominal (230v), so that those furthest away still have a proper supply.
  4. Position - A lamp with the base down and bulb facing up, could reduce the bulbs life by 50%.

Q. What does NICEIC stand for?

National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting is the premier organisation, protecting the interests of the consumer with regard to safety issues in electrical contracting work.

Our installations are regularly inspected by an NICEIC inspecting engineer, which are required to demonstrate competence, hold the required qualifications and insurance, and have the tools, plant and machinery to undertake the work carried out by the contractor.

Q. Do I need a rewire?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the following, then there's a possibility that you may need to be re-wired. We would certainly recommend conducting a Periodic Inspection if any of the following were true. Even if you can answer no to all the following this does not imply your wiring is safe.

  1. Are socket outlets mounted in the skirting boards?
  2. Has your fuse board got any parts made of wood?
  3. Are any of the cables coated in rubber or in lead (metal)?
  4. Are there any cotton braid covered cables anywhere?
  5. Are there any round pin sockets and light switches?
  6. Is there no visible green & yellow wires coming from or in the vicinity of the fuse board?
  7. Are there any black light switches or lamp holders?
  8. Is there only one or two sockets in each room?
  9. Does your fuse board look anything like the photo on the right?

Ask me a question ...

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